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9 Mar 20

Favorite Mac Recipes

Carefully Updating Mac OS X

Mac OS X Software Update makes it very easy to apply updates to Mac OS X and bundled applications. Unfortunately, Software Update actually makes it too easy because there may be problems lurking in the system that cause the update to fail, corrupt the system, or both.


Repairing your Mac's hard drive directory with DiskWarrior

When hard drive corruption occurs, your Mac may behave strangely (e.g., loooong pauses in Finder or Open/Close dialogs). In severe cases your Mac will refuse to startup. When Apple's Disk First Aid (a feature of the Disk Utility) fails to fix a corrupted drive, turn to DiskWarrior.


Burning a CD or DVD from an Image File

Mac OS X has "image files" that behave like a virtual CD or DVD. Double-clicking one of these files "mounts" the virtual disc just like inserting a physical disc.

On occasion, you may need to create a physical disc from a image file.


"Sending" a Large File

When a file is too large to attach to an email or upload to your Dropbox account, it can be uploaded to a website and then downloaded by the recipient.

The Joy of Macs provides an upload area for each client.



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